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void awn_effect_stop ( AwnEffects *  fx,
const AwnEffect  effect 

Stop a single effect.

effect Effect to stop.
fx Pointer to AwnEffects structure.

Definition at line 1796 of file awn-effects.c.

      if (effect == AWN_EFFECT_NONE) return;

      AwnEffectsPrivate *queue_item;
      GList *queue = fx->effect_queue;
      // remove the effect if in queue
      while (queue) {
            queue_item = queue->data;
            if (queue_item->this_effect == effect) break;
            queue = g_list_next(queue);
      if (queue) {
            gboolean dispose = queue_item->this_effect != fx->current_effect;
            fx->effect_queue = g_list_remove(fx->effect_queue, queue_item);
            if (dispose) g_free(queue_item);

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