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void awn_effect_start_ex ( AwnEffects *  fx,
const AwnEffect  effect,
AwnEventNotify  start,
AwnEventNotify  stop,
gint  max_loops 

Extended effect start, which provides callbacks for animation start, end and possibility to specify maximum number of loops.

fx Pointer to AwnEffects structure.
effect Effect to schedule.
start Function which will be called when animation starts.
stop Function which will be called when animation finishes.
max_loops Number of maximum animation loops (0 for unlimited).

Definition at line 1773 of file awn-effects.c.

      if (effect == AWN_EFFECT_NONE || fx->self == NULL) return;

      AwnEffectsPrivate *queue_item;
      GList *queue = fx->effect_queue;
      // dont start the effect if already in queue
      while (queue) {
            queue_item = queue->data;
            if (queue_item->this_effect == effect) return;
            queue = g_list_next(queue);
      AwnEffectsPrivate *priv = g_new(AwnEffectsPrivate, 1);
      priv->effects = fx;
      priv->this_effect = effect;
      priv->priority = awn_effect_get_priority(effect);
      priv->max_loops = max_loops;
      priv->start = start;
      priv->stop = stop;

      fx->effect_queue = g_list_insert_sorted(fx->effect_queue, priv, awn_effect_sort);

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